CollabVM API

Here are various endpoints that can be used to pull data from CollabVM

All endpoints can be accessed at

VM List

GET /api/v1/list

Get a list of VMs the bot has access to, and their node IDs.

VM Info

GET /api/v1/vminfo/vm1

Pull some data about the current state of the VM. vm1 should be replaced with the node ID of the VM in question.

Returns the following data, in JSON format:


GET /api/v1/screenshot/vm1

Grab a screenshot of the VM. Returns it as a PNG image. vm1 should be replaced with the Node ID of the VM in question. Can optionally be suffixed with .png

Chat Logs

GET /api/v1/chatlogs

Grab chats from the logs. Data goes back to 06/30/2022.

Accepts the following optional query parameters:

If you do not provide any query parameters it simply returns the last 10 messages logged.

Returns a JSON array with an entry for each message. A message is represented by an object with the following properties: